My name is Kiki, just Kiki, short for nothing and my only given name.

I was named after Kiki Amsberg, a Dutch journalist that stood up for women-rights and I guess that name must have rubbed of on me.

I have been intuitively creative for many years in different areas; writing, designing, dancing and even singing.

I started doing these art-projects for me, as a way of therapy to help me cope with an extremely difficult time in my life and people started to ask me if this was for sale and started requesting custom designs. 

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to live with this crazy mind of mine but I am happy that creating these collages and digital art are finding resonance beyond its intended purpose.

So I decided to create a social media account and website. 

I always address multiple themes, such as mental health awareness, LGBTQIA+ issues, ethnic diversity, animal rights or political issues. For every item that I sell I will spend 5% to Pro Mente Sana or on your request to Gnadenhof Luna.

So whenever you buy my designs, you will do something good too!